School days Ahead!!!

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Abundant opportunities to share the love of God + family time + being changed = A productive quarantine and a season of life that we will never forget!!  We are grateful for the way God has changed us and given us a new outlook on ministry and life! 

Our first outing to swim in the river!!

We couldn’t hold a large camp this summer due to COVID, but we asked the Lord how we could help, see kids and minister to those in need.  We had six teams on schedule for this summer and obviously, one by one they were each cancelled due to COVID.  Many of these teams had prepped for the summer since early this year and so we are so grateful that we could use the resources that they gathered, purchased and finances in order to impact some families.  Ukraine has been divided into zones and praise God the majority of the country is in the green zone (which means we have very few cases of COVID) and if nothing changes we will be able to attend school beginning September 1st like we always do!!! 

With families being out of work for several months, prepping children for school has become a heavy burden for so many families.  As I, Archie, went to the market to purchase PE uniforms, I discovered 50% of businesses in the city have been shutdown due to not having customers.  So, we took clothing, backpacks with school supplies and shoes out to a village that we have been visiting and spending time with kids there since the quarantine began back in March.  We were able to purchase some additional school supplies and PE uniforms for each of the children as well!

We have three more villages we will be visiting next week!!! Thank you to everyone who has helped and been a part of supporting Raising Hope!

We want you all to meet Andre.  He is 17 years old and attended one of our camps last year.  He began attending church regularly traveling to Mohyliv from his village each week, sometimes walking over 6 miles to and from his village to the main road in order to catch public transportation in order to attend services! He received Christ soon after he began attending church and got baptized this past month!  Andre is very eager to serve and any chance he gets he jumps right in to help with ministry! 

His parents struggle with alcoholism and he lost his older brother due to alcohol a couple of years ago. He made a decision to make a change in his life and has a heart that is hungry for God and we are excited to be a part of helping him find his calling in the Lord!  He has dreamed of being a first responder and firefighter.  Yesterday, Ruslan took him to the school/university in Vinnytsa that he would like to attend and he was accepted!  

Andre’s parents don’t have jobs and ever since he was young he has pretty much had to fend for himself.  When he first started visiting us he wouldn’t eat a full meal as he had just gotten used to not eating – we’ve fattened him a bit!  We plan on having Andre live with us in Vinnytsa this way we can help with room and board, but he will still need some help to pay for school and other expenses.  Please prayerfully consider helping Andre with school this year, he and (we) would be so grateful!  Here’s a breakout of expenses that he will have:

1. Tuition for school – $120/month
2. Books, clothing, transportation and school supplies – $180/month
Total – $300/month and $3000/year (10 month school year)

Please let us know if you are interested in helping Andre by responding to this email as we are not posting this on Facebook.  We ask that you NOT post this on Facebook as well, we don’t want Andre to feel uncomfortable.  Thank you so much in advance!!!! May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you peace!
All donations are tax deductible and can be made online at:


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