“Roaring” for Jesus

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Summer 2021

“Roaring” for Jesus

5 three day camps, over 250 children reached and over 30 volunteers later, we are filled with good exhaustion!

Life is wild…God is good!

What a fitting theme we had for camp this year!  Each day we learned about the goodness of God when we face unfairness, changes, scary times, sadness and goodness.  Throughout these last two years we have all come face to face with each of these, but in the midst of it all we have seen a never changing God that cares for us even when life gets scary, sad, unfair and changing.

Each day of camp we had a bible lesson, music, crafts, a game and outdoor adventures of a ropes course or rock climbing wall.

No camp would be complete without a potato stuffed roll and some ice cream!

Over 250 kids at 5 camps!

All these camps would not have been possible without all these volunteers, we are so grateful for the sacrifice, effort and joy that each person put into these camps!

We so loved the energy and praise and worship coming out of our youth this past month! 

We are extremely grateful to all of you who have supported us this past year and have made a way for these camps to happen! We are excited about roaring into this next season!

All donations are tax deductible and can be made via our website at:
by sending a check to:
Raising Hope Ukraine
836 Appenzell Dr.
Hummelstown, PA17036


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