Quarantine Blessings

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Quarantine Blessings

Since the beginning of our quarantine here in Ukraine we have been doing all the projects that we have hadn’t time to do for the past 10 years!!!  We are uprooting raspberry bushes, transplanting strawberries and keeping up with our landscaping and yard around our home!  You can see from the pictures above that we have put up some greenhouses in order to grow lettuce, radishes, cucumbers and seedlings for tomatoes, cabbage and broccoli.  In the other pictures above the boys have been hard at work making mulch to sell and to us in our yard as well!

Almost two weeks ago we received a phone call from our local social services and mayor asking if we’d be willing to take in a couple of boys from our village. They were at a school/hospital for helping improve their health. This place was shutdown in order to be used for a quarantine facility for those coming in from out of the country. Of course, we said “yes” and they joined us for about a week. Unfortunately, due to some of the paper work that has to be done and some of the red tape, they had to be taken to Vinnytsa in order to continue the process of removing parental rights. We are staying in touch with them and we ask your prayers for them as their lives are constantly changing.

Once a week we are taking out hot lunches to some in need. Grandma Olya (pictured above) called me personally asking for help about 5 times within 2 days. So, Ruslan and I took a hot meal out to her and also gave her some other groceries to help her through the week. Her son passed away young and she has no other family. We will continue helping this sweet lady not just through the quarantine days.

This past weekend was Easter in Ukraine! We were so excited to celebrate the fact that Jesus is Alive! and the hope we have in Him! We thought what other way to share this hope than to take out some Easter boxes with some special supplies to help make an Easter lunch!

The day before Easter after praying over the Easter boxes, 5 vehicles full of boxes set out to bless some families!

These are just a few pictures of the over 85 families we visited. We were humbled, honored and so blessed to be able to share a little gift with so many.

Happy Easter from Ukraine! We miss our Bella during this time and ask your prayers as she finishes school out in Tennessee. We are trying to get her a flight to bring her home (the last two flights I booked on Delta/Air France were cancelled), if anyone has miles on United Airlines and would be willing to donate those to us, we’d be so grateful, we think we can get her home via Germany.

We would be grateful for any continued support for this new project. We would like to continue this even after the quarantine is over for some of the elderly in our city and region. One meal costs around $4.

Prayer Requests
– Continued health and protection from sickness
– They boys that we took in that are now in Vinnytsa
– Meals on Wheels project
– Isabella’s return to Ukraine, flight and finances
– Monthly finances for us as a family
– Vika made the decision to move in with a guy a couple of months ago. We were hoping things would change, so we did not share this news, but unfortunately nothing has. We do not know him, she has cut all communication with Ruslan and I and our hearts are broken. We are praying for her safety and her heart daily. We miss her and love her with all our hearts and long for her to return.

All donations are tax deductible and can be made
online at:
by sending a check to:
Raising Hope Ukraine
836 Appenzell Dr.
Hummelstown, PA 17036


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