Christmas blessings from all of us in Ukraine!

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Christmas blessings from all of us in Ukraine!

Our Christmas blessings are growing up SO fast!!

Tall, beautiful Diana! Diana started university this September and is doing very well. It started off well by her attending classes in person, but it quickly moved to distance learning within a month. She is home in Nemia “attending” classes, studying and doing very well. We are very proud of her commitment to her studies and the way she has become so responsible!

Strong, Independent Bogdan! Bogdan is in his second year of road equipment transportation and maintenance college.  He is a strong, independent, young man and is learning how to live on his own.  Even through his tough exterior his soft heart shines through.  He is a hard worker and would do anything to protect his sisters!  

Brave, courageous Andrii! Andrii began firefighter and emergency services college in September of this year. He has been living with us since he started school. He is a strong, young man on fire for the Lord! He carries himself with dignity, peace and bravery even in the midst of life’s circumstances! We are blessed to have him as a part of our family!

Big hearted, handsome Bogdanchyk! Bogdanchyk is in his second year of trade school. The smile you see in these pictures are exactly the expression of joy he is in our lives. We love his soft heart, his smile and the way he takes care of those around him!

Faithful, loyal Alona! Alona is a senior in high school! She is a strong, young lady with the ability to love deep and unconditionally. We are so proud of her beautiful demeanour and her heart to always be available to help.

Joyful, loving Snizhana! Snizhana is a sophomore in high school this year. She has unspeakable joy at all times and the gift to make you smile regardless of the situation. She is a bright light wherever she goes. We are so thankful for the joy she brings to our family!

Courageous, Bold Isabella! Isabella made it back home to us in July this year after a whirlwind of flight changes and pandemic craziness! She spent the last year in the states attending highschool in Cookeville, TN. We are grateful for the army of people that helped care for her while she was there! She was beyond brave to embark in such an endeavour and is bold in her love for God. She is part of the praise and worship team at our church now and we can’t believe that our little Bella has grown into a strong, courageous, young lady!

Intelligent Yulya! Yulya is a freshman in high school this year. She was elected student body president at her new school in Vinnytsa! Yulya is like a walking enycyclopedia because she reads so much and carries so much information in her young mind. She has recently taken up baking with mom which makes her mom’s heart happy. We are excited to see the things God will do in her life!

Little but mighty Francesca!  Francesa is our firecracker 7 year old!  She is in the second grade in school and also in music school where she is learning to play the piano.  She is full of energy and joy and reminds each of us of the goodness of God!  We are so thankful the Lord brought her into our lives when He did and we can’t imagine life without her!

The newlyweds, Danik and Alona! Danik and Alona, from our church, got married on August 15th this year! They are both very happy and blessed to have each other in life and in ministry that the Lord is placing them in. We are blessed to have them living with us for sometime as the apartment above our garage is getting renovated and look forward to all that God has for them together!

Ruslan and Archie! We are so grateful to the Lord for His covering over us this past year – over our marriage, over family and over ministry. Quarantine was a dream as we did so many things we haven’t had the time to do along with being able to spend so much time together. We were busier during quarantine than everyday life! Even though it’s been a tough year, we feel stronger than ever in each other and in Him and look forward to the new year of adventures that God has for us!

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We pray you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year season filled with the presence of our Savior, He is worthy of all praise and glory and honor!!!

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