“Beautiful things in the unknown”

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“Beautiful things in the unknown”

The Lord has been so gracious and merciful to all of us in this unknown time by making beautiful things out the unknowns, many questions and ugly things that have happened, are happening and continue to happen in this world.  It seems the circle in which we live where we know someone, someone within our family or even ourselves that have gotten ill with COVID is getting smaller and smaller these days. Therefore, our lives seem to be venturing into the unknown more and more each day.   

When we first began taking children into our family, we have always felt a calling to teach the kids traditional Ukrainian trades such as canning and gardening.  Today, with the rise in the situation with COVID, we feel so confirmed that the Lord was leading us.  Having a full cellar of canned goods has been such a gift and blessing from the Lord!  Even without work and the decrease in donations over the year, we have been able to make ends meet, we are so grateful to the Lord for this.  The importance of gardening and canning during these days is so clear and so we continue as a family canning grapes, jams, juice, salads, pickles, tomatoes and squash!

We are grateful to have the city government behind us and are able to have ministry outside in a specific place basically anytime we want.  We, of course, are following the guidelines established by the ministry of health during these times.  Pictured above was an event we held for children and parents last Thursday.  The kids painted figurines, colored and made beaded necklaces and bracelets while we had some time to communicate and chat with the parents.  We had over 60 children come over a 3 hour period!  We spoke about the way the Lord was caring for each of us even when we sometimes don’t understand the things happening around us.  We also had the opportunity to invite them to our Harvest Day celebration next weekend.    

We have been visiting with people out on the streets via a tent with our church.  Establishing connections with the local people, giving out literature and even having the opportunity to pray for some of our “tent visitors” has been such a joy for members of our church and our entire family!’

Our family getting bigger and bigger each year!

Prayer requests:

  • The kids will hopefully be back in school by next Monday which means lots of traveling back and forth between Vinnytsa and Mohyliv for Archie and the kids (it’s been SO wonderful having the whole family back together again for a couple of weeks!).
  • We were blessed by a dear friend to help cover the expenses for school for the past two months but we are still in need for the remaining 8 months.
  • Ministry opportunities with families in need. Our crisis center is up and running and is weekly receiving and distributing clothing to those in need.

Our family is getting bigger in pets as well!  Our little dog has had so many puppies it’s hard to count, but these last ones have stolen our hearts (the picture above is one of 4)!

All donations are tax deductible and can be made online at:
by sending a check to:
Raising Hope Ukraine
836 Appenzell Drive
Hummelstown, PA 17036


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