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​​Raising Hope, Inc.

UPdate: 8/13/14

Dear Family and Friends, 

We are thankful for all your prayers and love and support! What a strange and crazy but blessed time we are in right now. We are thankful to be a part of what God is doing here in Ukraine. Although it is such a volatile time and we never know what we are going to hear each day, we know that  God is capable of all things and bigger than all that is happening. 

We wanted to give you all a quick update on what's happening with Pastor Vitalyi in Luhansk. He is still transporting people out of the city and bringing food, medicine and supplies into the city for those that are unable to leave. We received a phone call at 10pm tonight letting us know of a need to buy a generator, with no electricity in the city there is a desperate need to provide electricity somehow. They have gathered some funds and the remaining funds that are needed is 300$. If anyone is interested in helping out it would be a blessing beyond words!

We also have a need as a family as we are preparing to purchase school supplies for the kids.  With the dollar rising even more these past few days it is getting more and more expensive to make ends meet each day. It will require around $70/ child in order to set them up for the school year with notebooks, pens, glue, scissors, clay, paint and other supplies. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and for loving us and encouraging us. 

We love you,

Ruslan and Archie 

Urgent projects

  • Crisis in Ukraine

The war in Eastern Ukraine has taken a toll on the entire country.  Medicines are needed at the hospital in Vinnytsa along with any bandaging and medical supplies to care for those who have been wounded. We have recently been told about soldiers in the east not having something as basic as socks and tea because of lack of funding and supplies. Our church has been in touch with a Pastor in Luhansk that is trying to evacuate people and also provide food for those that stay.  And with the economy in Ukraine failing, inflation is hitting all of us extremely hard. With the price of gas increasing by 50% and all food has gone up in price by 30%, it is making it difficult for all families to get by on the same salaries that they were making before the crisis began.  It requires our family around $300-$400 more a month to meet basic needs.