Bringing a hope and future to those in need in Ukraine

​​Raising Hope, Inc.

Patience Wemuna

Patience Wemuna is a dear friend of our daughter, Katya.  She is from Nigeria and has 4 siblings. They lost both of their parents within the past 7 years.  Their father died of malaria while visiting family back in Nigeria and their mother passed away in a plane crash on the way to Nigeria. Her and her youngest brother are still in Ukraine while their two older siblings are in Nigeria and one brother is in Ghana at a bible school.  They have absolutely no family here in Ukraine and are living simply by trusting God.  They are wonderful kids and have a heart for the Lord.  We have "added" them to our family over this past year and they are such a blessing to us and all our children.  You can help Patience and her brother here in Ukraine by supporting them monthly or a one time gift.  

Patience needs $1700/semester for tuition to medical school and additional expenses for rent and food ($250/month